ASC Newton

Where students with no time
find time to volunteer.

ASC Newton 2016-2017 School Year!

Hello and Welcome to ASC Newton!  

We have many events planned for the coming year! Please make sure you Join Team Snap (and ask to join the NewtonASC Team).

We are going to run all of our events, scheduling and signups through that app this year! It's great you'll get text reminders, updates, sign up opportunities all through a convenient app on your phone!

You can also just send us an email at and we will invite you to join the ASC Newton Team on Team Snap! 

Also, be sure to follow us on twitter @newtonasc


 MARK YOUR CALENDARS - GREAT VOLUNTEER EVENTS ARE HERE! GET REGISTERED VIA TEAM SNAP (send us your email and we'll invite you to join)! 


Paddy's Road Race - Sunday Oct 16

  • October 16 - Sunday
  • 18 volunteers needed
  • Water Stops, Set up and Clean Up will be some of the jobs you will be doing.
  • Register on Team Snap

Franklin School Cleanup - Saturday Oct 22 - 12noon-3pm
  • Saturday, Oct 22
  • Franklin Elementary Street
  • Jobs will include painting, cleaning, organizing, yard work and other miscellaneous jobs.
  • Register on Team Snap
Contact Sammy Greer via Facebook private message for more details
Contact Sammy Greer via Facebook private message for more details
Contact Sammy Greer via Facebook private message for more details

What is ASC Newton?

 ASC is an organization that helps connect time-crunched Newton students with local volunteer opportunities that can fit into their busy schedules. 

 With their dedication to their school work, sport, drama, music, or any other extracurricular activity, many students just don’t have the time or predictable schedules to make a commitment to community service projects.

 Now they do.

 ASC has created an organization that:

 -       provides time-crunched students with substantial opportunities for community    service involvement that can work around their heavy and unpredictable schedules.

-       exposes students to a wide variety of worthwhile causes.

-       supports the Newton area's numerous other community service groups/programs.

If you’re a student who wants volunteering to fit more easily into your life, click How it Works to find out more.